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Our Vision

MCV – Michigan's Choice for Energy


Our Mission

Our mission is to safely deliver highly reliable and cost-competitive energy to our customers. We accomplish this by investing in both plant assets and in our employees. We focus on employee safety, operational excellence, workforce professional development, and adding value for our customers. We will achieve this by adhering to our core values.


Our Values

    Safety First
  • Safety comes first – all day, every day
  • MCV Safety Slogan – “Always be Smart, Safety from the Start”
  • Focus on preventive safety practices and proactive measures
  • Assure safety first before proceeding with any activity
  • Anticipate hazards and manage risk with good planning and preparation
  • Accept responsibility for our own and each other’s safety
  • Identify and correct safety concerns and do so with a sense of urgency
  • Safety is achieved without shortcuts
  • People
  • Striving to attract, develop, and retain the best talent
  • Combining skills and human resources to proactively solve problems
  • Promoting open and honest communication throughout the business
  • Integrity
  • Dedicated to providing professional, unfailing services to both our internal and external customers through honesty, accountability, and maintaining high ethical standards
  • Business relationships based on trust, honesty and dependability
  • Taking responsibility for actions and upholding expectations
  • Respect and Recognition
  • We recognize that people are essential to our success and respect their exceptional efforts
  • Fostering a trustful and inclusive environment
  • Encouraging individual diversity and everyone's unique contributions
  • Treat everyone with courtesy and encourage open and honest dialogue through listening, understanding and acknowledging feedback
  • Regularly inform employees of important company issues
  • Recognize and reinforce great performance and proper behaviors
  • Identify and address less than adequate performance and improper behaviors
  • Stewardship
  • Meeting commitments and adding value for our stakeholders
  • Building MCV to be a secure company for the future of Michigan
  • Respect for the environment and protection of its resources
  • Giving time and resources to the community in which we live and work
  • Complying with laws and regulations


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We all know electricity is vital to our well-being as a society. In the Midwest region of the United States, whether the demand for electricity grows or supply is reduced because of shuttering plants, MCV is ready to provide additional energy from its facility in a safe, clean, reliable, and cost-competitive manner. We have finalized a comprehensive project package and are ready to begin construction.

This project provides quality jobs for Michigan, both during project construction, and for the steady-state operation. The energy produced from the expansion will be cost-competitive, for both residential and industrial users, and will further enable high-quality jobs to be created with new manufacturing. As an independent power producer, we have proudly served the Michigan economy with cost-competitive energy since 1990. With a highly capable workforce and strong vendor partnerships teaming to execute industry-leading operational programs, MCV will continue its excellent record in safety and reliability with this expansion. We look forward to continuing to do our part toward a prosperous Michigan.

Read all about it in the Midland Daily News!

And here's some more from the MDN:

MIDLAND, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan power plant has announced plans for a more than $500 million expansion that is expected to create jobs, add to the city of Midland's tax base and increase the plant's electrical capacity.

Construction on the expansion for Midland Cogeneration Venture will begin once a power agreement has been finalized, which is estimated to occur in the next six to 12 months.

"The fact that it looks like it's going to see daylight now, that's good," Assistant City Manager David Keenan said about the expansion plan. "As an important employer and taxpayer to our community, things that make them better and stronger are certainly good for our community."

The construction will take about two-and-a-half years and employ about 700 workers, company official Kelly Moldovan said. The expansion is expected to add about 20 jobs to the current 250 jobs at the site in the long term.

The project will add two new gas turbines and a steam turbine. The plant currently has 12 gas turbines, two steam turbines and six package boilers that produce steam.

The company's electricity capacity is expected to increase from a little over 1,600 megawatts to about 2,300 megawatts.

Moldovan said the expansion will contribute $10 million to $15 million annually to the city's tax base.

Midland Cogeneration calls itself the largest natural gas fired combined electrical energy and steam energy generating plant in the nation. The company was formed by Consumers Energy and The Dow Chemical Co. in 1987, and went into commercial operation in 1990.

Our facility is capable of producing:

Our History


1984 - Original Design

Originally designed as the Midland Nuclear Power Plant with twin pressurized water reactors similar in design to those at Palisades in South Haven, MI, owner Consumers Power abandoned the project, which was 85% complete, in 1984 citing numerous construction problems. Such problems included sinking and cracking of some buildings on the site due to poor soil compaction prior to construction, as well as shifting regulatory requirements following the 1979 Three Mile Island incident.


1986 - The Conversion

MCV was organized under an innovative form of non-utility ownership and was originally made up of seven partner companies, which were subsidiaries or affiliates of major worldwide organizations. Each partner had a vested interest in the partnership's success from being a supplier of equipment or gas transportation or being a customer or engineer/contractor. Conversion of the plant from an incomplete nuclear station to a combined cycle cogeneration facility began in 1986 and was completed in 1990 when commercial operation began.


1990 - Commercial Operation Begins

The Midland Cogeneration Venture (MCV) began operation in 1990. At that time, it was the largest gas-fired steam recovery power plant in the world.

1990 - Power Magazine awarded MCV its 1990 Power Plant Award

1990 - Independent Energy magazine presented MCV its Innovative Project Award


2008-2009 Boiler Construction

MCV began construction of six natural gas-fired boilers in April 2008 and completed the installation in February 2009. MCV invested approximately $72 million in the project and created 16 new full-time positions as a result. The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce awarded MCV the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Impact Award for this project.


2009 - EQT and Fortistar

In 2009, MCV was purchased by Swedish private equity firm EQT Infrastructure and US energy investment group, Fortistar, LLC, who is based in White Plains, NY.


2012 - Borealis

In 2012, EQT and Fortistar sold MCV to Borealis Infrastructure which invests and manages assets on behalf of OMERS Administration Corporation—one of Canada's largest pension funds. MCV is contracted to supply Dow and Consumers Energy steam and electricity until 2025.


2013 –Saginaw Bay Underwrites & Amerisure Safety Award

Saginaw Bay Underwriters & Amerisure Insurance recognized MCV with a safety award for 2 years of outstanding safety performance from July 2011 to July 2013.



Today, MCV is the largest natural gas fired, combined cycle cogeneration plant in the United States, capable of producing approximately 1,633 megawatts of electricity and 1,500 kp/hr of steam. The electrical capacity is approximately 15% of Michigan's Electrical Energy Supply. The primary generation components include 12 gas turbine generators ("GTGs"), 12 heat recovery steam generators ("HRSGs") – six with duct burners ("DBs"), one primary steam turbine ("ST"), one backup ST, one back pressure ST and six package boilers. The facility is a registered generation resource with MISO, which enables MCV to participate in the bulk power markets administered by MISO. MCV currently sells 1,240 MW of capacity and energy to Consumers Energy Company. In addition, MCV sells up to 150 MW of electricity and 1,000 kp/hr of steam to The Dow Chemical Company. Finally, MCV sells up to 250 kp/hr of steam to Dow Corning Corporation. MCV also generates FERC-approved reactive power and sells ancillary products in the MISO market. The balance of the capacity and energy is available for merchant sales. The facility is located on an approximately 1,200-acre site where a cooling pond occupies approximately 880 acres and the generation facility occupies approximately 200 acres.

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